Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New DAB Excitements(!) at DENSITY

Baffling description, defying all natural laws and discombobulating the very limits of human possibility (in short, doing everything but talking). Behold a sampling of the choice tid-bits to be found in the flooding feast of 593 Valencia Street.

Celebrate becomingly.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Be it known, on Friday July 15, 2011, our Sacred Archives (the empty old safe) will be opened, and the early history (infamy -- penury -- same thing) of DAB recounted, for the enlightenment of our beloved public.

In addition to these matters of High Jinkobial  interest, new objects will be offered for the evening's repast in the form of limited edition Flea Bags, Whitewashing Tees, and Optative Optics, illustrating instructive innumerable instances of interfluent influences.

For who of you, we would like to know, is acquainted with the taste of
DAB !?